Custom Tailored Rug Cleaning

“If you have an area rug, we can clean it!”

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Area Rug Cleaning and Odor Control

Our full-service rug studio has been specifically designed to allow us to provide safe, thorough care and maintenance of your treasured area rugs.

Using industry favorite equipment manufactured to be gentle on the fibers found in area rugs, and wool-safe detergents strong enough to tackle traffic lanes but mild enough to protect the dyes of your rugs, we are ready, willing, and able to clean any rug!

Dry Soil Removal
Rug Washing
Rinsing & Drying
Pet Urine & Odor Removal

No two rugs are quite the same. That’s why we take the time necessary to pre-inspect each rug that comes in for cleaning. In addition to marking down your individual concerns, we check for colorfastness, spots and stains, pet damage, wear-and-tear damage, soil level, and overall condition. Anything that we feel might affect our ability to safely clean your rugs will be discussed with you.
On pick-up, our technicians will perform a field inspection at your home before taking your rugs to our studio where we will complete a full pre-inspection prior to beginning any services.

Even weekly vacuuming can leave behind impacted gritty dirt at the base of the fibers of your area rugs. We use harmonic vibration and deep vacuuming to break up and remove these soils before washing your rug. This ensures that we will achieve the best possible result during the wash process.

No rugs are ever co-mingled in a tub at The Rug Parlor. We work hard to avoid any cross-contamination on the wash floor. Your rugs will never come into contact with wastewater from someone else’s dirty rugs. We use an abundance of clean, cold water and cleaning solutions that are approved for use on area rugs and specialty fibers. If your rug cannot be wet cleaned for some reason, we are adaptable and able to select another cleaning method that better suits the needs of your rug.

We want to ensure a residue-free cleaning, so every washed rug is rinsed until the water finally runs clear of suds. Rugs are then placed in our humidity-controlled drying space to either be hung to dry or dried flat in those cases where dye shifting is a potential issue. A final grooming of the fibers is completed while your rugs dry for an even texture and sheen.

Different than simply applying a deodorizer, to effectively treat and remove pet urine odors, we inspect the entire rug for urine deposits and target the odor-causing bacteria right at the source. To flush these contaminants away, we flood water and urine treatment solutions all the way through your area rugs – not just at the surface. Our odor control process also works well on nicotine odors, cooking smells, and lingering musty odors.

Our Pet Odor Control Guarantee does not apply in the case of tufted construction rugs, rugs permanently damaged by excessive pet damage, or when our pet decontamination treatments have been declined. It is possible that we may recommend replacement over cleaning in these cases.